Suzanne Rappaport, MS, OTR/L believes life to be a big adventure, so she left her corporate career to pursue flying trapeze in the circus.  After years of performing, she started teaching a variety of circus arts and found that sharing her love of the circus and watching others light up inside was more rewarding than any sold-out performance.  She noticed that her students became physically stronger with more self-confidence.  Then, the Austine School for the Deaf approached her to offer a circus class.  These students had a wide range of physical and intellectual disabilities secondary to their deafness.  They also became stronger and more self-confident.  She began to work with others with disabilities, it was remarked that they got their therapy without even knowing it.  At that moment a light bulb went on and Suzanne realized that circus art would make a great therapeutic intervention.  Occupational therapy was the best fit for what Suzanne wanted to pursue and she earned a master’s degree at Tufts.  Through her degree program, she cultivated circus interventions for many different populations.  Along with typical adults and children, she has worked with traumatic brain injury, acute adolescent inpatient psychiatry, adults with intellectual disabilities, Deaf/Hard of Hearing children, and cancer survivors.  In 2015, Suzanne earned an occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) defining circus as a therapy and it’s feasibility, as well as, gain extensive knowledge on how to utilize circus and measure its success.

Suzanne Rappaport CV